Alresford's Droveways

Drove roads or droveways facilitated the movement of livestock across country to market. They are wider than average tracks (up to 10 metres) and often span long distances. Two droveways were in use when Alresford was a major sheep market, at times upwards  of 20000 sheep would have been penned in Broad Street. Drove Lane at the western end of The Avenue, retains its historic connections, and starts as a metalled lane reverting to the ancient track way shortly after crossing the river and veering off north west across Abbotstone Down towards The Strattons and Newbury. The other entered the town at the east down Sun Lane and can be reached by crossing the Alresford by-pass by footbridge at the southern end of Sun Lane. The way proceeds to Bramdean very close to the commemorative site of the Battle of Cheriton 1644.